Answers to questions you may have about counseling with Sally Creed

Why Christian Counseling?

Life is full of uncertainties. The one true Constant in life is God. His promises are everlasting and He never breaks a promise. I have faith in God and rely on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and advice. I not only pray for wisdom, but also encourage my clients to pray. I often pray with my clients if they would like me to. What I have found is that when a client realizes that God is there as a comfort and healer rather than a judge, their outlook on life changes and they begin to hope again. And God still works miracles in lives every day.

When is the right time to seeking counseling?

Why wait? If something is bothering you and causing distress, seek help. Seeing a counselor does not mean that you are crazy or that you cannot handle your problems. Being able to discuss the situation with someone with a different perspective may be just the help you need. Many people have situations in life that cause stress and sleepless nights, yet they continually try to ignore the symptoms and hope things will somehow get resolved. What usually happens is that things can and often do get worse. If you feel that there is a situation in your life that you are not handling as well as you would like, contact me so I can help.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, either call (337) 806-3690 and leave a message, or send an email through the contact page. I will get back with you as soon as possible to answer questions and set your first appointment.

Is it possible to visit with a counselor before making an actual appointment?

I return my own emails and phone calls. I field most questions you may have, but due to the volume of calls, I may only have a few minutes to answer questions over the phone. In order to visit with me in person, an appointment must be made that will require a fee. The questions of most of our clients can usually be met in the initial brief phone call or email.

Do you endorse taking medication?

As a counselor, I am not able to prescribe medication for my clients. Many clients wish to find alternative ways of getting help rather than being medicated. I work with my clients to find the best possible solution for them. Sometimes that solution means that I recommend they visit a psychiatrist or physician for a medication evaluation. At other times, clients are able to work through their issues through counseling alone without the help of medication. I also have several contacts in the Lafayette area who I refer to for natural herbs and vitamins that have had excellent results for both adults and children. In any case, counseling is recommended to work along with medication and/or herbs and vitamins to get the best results for the client.

How long will counseling last?

The amount of sessions required varies depending on the issue and the client. Some people come as few as 3 or 4 sessions and others come for several months or longer. Play Therapy tends to be at least 5 or 6 sessions minimum. My goal is to help resolve issues as quickly as possible for my clients. Each counseling session lasts 50 minutes for adults and 30-45 minutes for children.

How do I explain to my child that they will be coming for Play Therapy?

Visiting a "doctor's office" can be a scary event for children. I do not consider this a doctor's office. Tell your children that they will be coming to play with toys. This will make them anticipate their visit rather than dread it.