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How is Lafayette Christian Counseling Center different?

As a Christian Counselor, I am often asked how Christian counselors differ from other counselors. Some people think we give sermons or lectures about God. What truly sets Christian counselors apart from non-Christian counselors is not so much what we SAY during a counseling session, but what we BELIEVE. We believe that God is all powerful and can do anything He chooses. We call this HOPE. We give hope to people who don’t have any. It has been said that a person can live only so many days without water and only so many minutes without air, but cannot live even one second without hope. We have seen miracles happen. We have HOPE.

For Crying Out Loud
The Benefit of Emotional Tears and The Movies that Bring Them On

Tears play a vital role in our physical and emotional health, yet some people either refuse to cry or find it difficult to cry. In For Crying Out Loud, author Sally Scott Creed explains the importance of tears in our lives.

This guide helps you understand:

  • why tears are necessary;
  • why you need to allow your tears to flow; and
  • the best way to release your tears through Creed’s own formula.

Creed provides a list of 150 movies that are categorized with short descriptions to help you choose the right one to release your tears. For Crying Out Loud shows you how to take off your emotional mask and become like a child again—fully aware of your feelings and emotions, and able to handle them with panache.